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Madison and Fifth are UK distributors of professional accessories for the performing musician. Our passion? Professional products solving real issues - so you can concentrate on your performance, not worry about your gear.

We search the world for those little known but "how did I live without it" accessories that are simply great. Each of our brands offer quality, design and innovation and are truly genuine solutions for the practical issues we face in our performing life - whether on stage, in the studio or at home. And if we didn't use them and love them ourselves then they simply wouldn't be here.

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The Guitar Show 2017

Its that time again. Gear, gear, gear and live events too at THE biggest guitar show of the year. The 2017 Guitar Show opens on February 25/26th at the New Bingley Hall in Birmingham.

New Gear from LOXX - December 2016

LOXX - the strap-lock people from Germany, have added new models to this range for the gigging guitarist.

Chris Buck and the Nemphasis VT Comp

Talented guitarist Chris Buck has joined the Nemphasis roster of endorsing artists. Described by Slash - yes THE Slash - as “a fu*king awesome guitar player” Chris proves his outstanding mastery of the instrument as part of Buck and Evans. 

New Endorsing Artists for Nemphasis FX

Italian pro FX company Nemphasis has added two new endorsing artists to its growing roster of international users – bassist David Kyle Payne (pictured) and guitarist Elliott Randall. 

Martin Harley Plays The Rock Slide

Martin Harley is a supremely talented Roots and Blues guitarist, singer and songwriter with a burgeoning global reputation. He’s a devotee to the music that came out of the Mississippi Delta, the slide guitar, and many other forms of roots music. Though Harley’s sound is rooted in the blues it seeks to tell his own story and draws on the ruminations of a musician who has spent much of his life on the road.

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